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From photographer William L Snyder

Went kayaking Saturday night, it was to be a moonlight paddle.  The weather that day was not so great but luckily the clouds parted and it turned out to be a lovely evening.  The moon did come out for a brief time and was spectacular.

My latest artistic short project that came from nothing. Enjoy!

Scans From Film: In October 2010, after photographing an adventure race in Moab Utah, I awoke the last day, drove into Canyonlands National Park, hiked up to Mesa Arch before sunrise and waited. As it often happens, many others showed up to photograph the sunrise through the arch. As the sun breaks in the east the underside of the arch turns a bright redish-orange. Shot with a Mamiya 645AF with Fuji Velvia 50.

Film based photographs I scanned in with my new scanner.  I think I’m getting it’s settings dialed in the way I like.  These were shot with my Mamiya 645AF.

Chicago always provides some interesting photography.  From a beach area in Evanston.

Moonlight paddle at Cagles Mill Lake in Southern Indiana.  We started paddling a couple of hours before sunset, paddled up to the lower Cataract Falls where we took a break.  We waited for sunset and paddled our way back in the full moonlight.  Along the way we had lots of jumping fish, heard coyotes howling, saw lots of water birds, and enjoyed a nice relaxing paddle.  I highly recommend it to everyone!

BMX Throw Down Part 2: More photographs I shot at Winona Lake Indiana of the BMX stunt show at the Fat & Skinny Tirefest, May 17th.

BMX Throw Down Part 1:  Photographed the BMX stunt show at Winona Lake Indiana on May 17th.  Some really epic stunts were pulled off.  It had been a off-and-on rainy day but the clouds parted just at the start and returned right on cue with the last stunt.  Was super cool to watch these guys throw down.

Took a nice stroll along the canal in downtown Indy last night with Amy. The sky color was really cool with the storms moving through the area.

Buffalo, NY scenes in Black & White.